5 Health Benefits of Protein

  1.  Healthy Hair

Protein is the building block of Keratin,  Consuming 45g of easily digestible protein per day can boost hair health over time, giving your hair more shine, strength, and length. Plant-based protein powders are a great example of an easily digestible protein, ensuring that you get to that 45g per day. Foods like wild caught salmon, hemp seeds, quinoa, sardines are other hair-healthy options.


2. Developing Lean Muscle

Whatever kinds of workouts your opt to do in your routine, protein is necessary to ensuring that you see results. Protein cannot be stored as fat in your body, so it should be consumed regularly, and after each workout. This means that when you workout, you should be consuming enough protein for your muscles to recover and build, otherwise you will not see the toned muscles that you wish to.


3. Maintaining Youthful Skin

Keratin is the key structural material that makes up the outer layer of your skin. To get glowing, youthful and healthy skin, it is important to be consuming protein daily and with each meal. Collagen is what is responsible for keeping our skin healthy and young. Collagen is a structural tissue that is made of fibrous protein, and 30 percent of the total body protein is contained in collagen.

4. Immune Support

Staying above the weather is more than just getting your vitamins. Protein is essential for a healthy functioning immune system because when your body is exposed to harmful bacteria or substances, antibodies are what go to battle on your behalf. Antibodies are in fact protein, and having a necessary amount of usable protein when you are sick or fighting illness can prevent ills and increase recovery time. It is also very important to remember to consume protein when you are sick, as many of us forget to eat when not feeling well; yet consuming adequate amounts of protein is helpful to our bodies to fight off infection and maintain our muscle structure when sick.

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5. Hormone Support

Protein is necessary to create amino acids. Amino acids are responsible for manufacturing our hormones and maintaining healthy hormone funciton. Without protein, women can’t be hormonally healthy. A body lacking protein results in premature aging of the skin and other vital organs, including those involved in reproduction. A women’s eggs and fertility can be negatively affected by lacking protein.

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