5 Must-Have Summer Essentials

Summer is just around the corner, and before you know it the long sunny days spent by the pool and at the beach are going to be in full swing. Tack on these summer essentials to your shopping list for the most effortless, fashionable and functional days in the sun.
1. A go-to cover-up
Long days spent by the pool parties and beach days almost always require you to take a break at some point. Whether you are going inside for a drink or wanting to take a sun0break on your towel, a cover-up is the perfect attire for wanting to stay cool in the heat and protected from the sun. Choose something light colored, or my favorite: white.
2. A good hat
A good summer hat is one that boasts a large brim that wraps around the entire cap. As much as we love those paper boy 1940’s-inspired hats and dad ball-caps, for summer we need something with more flair and more coverage. A wicker material is light, leaving your face and neck shaded and not sweaty.
3. Shades
We all know by now that sunglasses are our must-have summer accessory. Not only do they complete that happy, bright, summer look, but they protect your eyes. Don’t spend a day in the sun without a cool pair of sunglasses. My favorites are made by Raen, and have a large lens for full-coverage.
4. Sunscreen
Sunscreen has been a controversial topic for a while. Many of the brands are loaded with chemicals fillers and harmful products as ingredients that actually age your skin and are harmful to ingest. Is there any fun in getting no tan and aging your skin? Not at all. That is why it’s important to choose the right sunscreen. As we do with all beauty products, make sure it is cruelty-free, and that is natural, or “plant-based”. Kate Summerville makes a great sunscreen with high SPF, easy application, and great smell.
5. Hydrated Skin
The best accessory to any summer day is hydrated, glowing skin. Even when you are not directly tanning, your face is exposed to the suns rays, even indirectly. The dry air coupled with the UV rays can cause your skin looking dull and dry. Choosing the right products such as Dior’s Hydra life are great for keeping your skin hydrated all summer long without making your skin feel heavy.

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