5 Tips for Your Best Beauty Sleep

We all have mornings when we wake up feeling energized, looking good, and ready to take on the day. Some mornings, though, can be a struggle to get out of bed when our brain, body, hair and even complexion refuses to cooperate. What’s the difference? It’s a mystery to most why some days we are proud to say “I woke up like this” and others we’d rather not even get up at all. Here are some helpful tips for achieving your best beauty sleep, so that every morning is a great one.


  1. Sleep in less

It is commonly believed that we need to sleep in as late as possible to get as much rest as we need. Our bodies actually can function better when we sleep in less and wake up early in the morning. Sleeping in too late in the morning or even in the afternoon can mess up our circadian rhythm. Although we think we are getting more rest, we are actually making our bodies confused in the long run for when we are supposed to be awake and when we are supposed to be asleep.


2. Nap more

Taking a quick nap in the afternoon instead of reaching for that second cup of coffee or eating too much for lunch can help us to be more energized throughout our day and have better nights sleep in the evening. Taking a 20-minute nap, no more or no less can help you be more rested during the day and the next.


3. Place caffeine and sugar boundaries

Drink your coffee and sweet treats earlier in the day, before the afternoon. Drinking coffee or anything with a lot of caffeine or sugar as early as 2:00 pm can cause you to be too energized to go to bed at a reasonable hour, making it more difficult to get a good nights sleep. Instead, drink your coffee in the morning and stick to a chamomile tea or peppermint tea in the evening.


4. Do yoga

Yoga can energize your body, but also place you in a calm state. Start with a gentle flow, and then ease into a Shavasana with deep breathing and lay flat on your back. Stretching your muscles, clearing your mind and breathing deeply before bed can all help to give you a great beauty sleep.


5. Prep your skin and hair

If you want to wake up with clear skin in the morning, you’ve got to go to bed with clean skin at night. Use a gentle cleansing facial wash to get off all your makeup, then follow up with a conditioning face moisturizer. Apply a soothing lip balm to your lips to wake up with fresh and soft lips. Brush your hair and place in a braid to prevent tangles and bed head the next morning. Small changes in your beauty routine can make all the difference.

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