5 Tips on How to Look Casual yet Stylish

Every gal needs to know how to master that “I look good without even trying” appeal. You know the one. It’s when you can head out into the town, with clothes so comfortable you could fall asleep in them, but you also catch eyes because you look good, and not like a bum.

Let’s not get the words “lazy” and “comfortable” confused here. Fashion requires us to put some effort into making ourselves look stylish for a day out, but just because you’re taking the time to put an outfit together, doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable all day. Your 5-inch leopard stilettos and tight silky dress have their place, and kudos to you for those nights you pull em off, but some days anything more than sneakers and sweatpants just sounds like a drag. On days like these, refer to some simple and foolproof ways to be casual yet stylish.

  1. Choose good quality leggings/jeans

Whether your comfort bottoms of choice are a flowing dress, stretchy leggings or soft jeans, quality is going to make all of the difference. Cheap yoga pants look like cheap yoga pants, but a pair of really nice, good quality, clean jet black ones look like nice leggings and can be a go-to part of any outfit. Looking for a pair of soft jeans is also a good option too. Many jeans can be rigid, tight, and firm, which is fine for some days, but when you’re looking to be really comfortable, make sure you have a pair of good quality jeans that are super soft and flexible.


2. Choose sexy yet supportive shoes

There are so many shoes out there that are comfortable and also make a fashion statement. Boring ol’ sneakers are not the way to go, but you can wear shoes designed for being active and still be totally rocking your outfit. If you’re going to spend a long day walking or traveling, a good pair of sneakers that are fashionable but comfortable are a must have!


3. Unique sweaters, sweatshirts, and shirts

If leggings and a big comfy sweater isn’t the most comfortable outfit, I don’t know what is. The key to making this also stylish is to have a sweater that is unique. Not frumpy and basic, but something that has a unique cut out (such as shoulders or neckline), back design, color, and flattering fit.

4. Accessorize

Slap a side bag on your shoulder- it looks like you’re going places and not the gym. Add a dainty or bold necklace depending on your top. Wear rings, earrings, and a watch. Wearing the right accessories dresses transforms your look into loungewear to a stylish and chic look for a comfortable and cute day on the town.

5. Do your hair and makeup

If your clothes aren’t going to be begging for attention, make sure you have a clean face, with a touch of makeup, and that your hair is styled. Most women can pull off this casual look as long as your hair and skin is fresh and ready for a day out. A high ponytail or bun can complete the look, so long as you’ve put al little effort into making it look well styled and not sloppy.





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