7 Must have waterproof products for Summer

Summer is in full swing now, and it’s only getting hotter. When the heat turns up, you should be able to hop in the water without having to think twice about your makeup. Refusing to jump in the water because your makeup will get smudged is not a great way to enjoy your summer, and wearing no makeup at all shouldn’t have to be the answer. These awesome products will make it easy, natural and effortless for you to look and feel your best all summer long. Feel free to face the sun, get splashed by the pool, and dive in with these 6 must-have waterproof products for summer.


  1. Waterproof lip gloss

Shimmering, kissable lips are never out of style. Vibrant lips tend to be one of the first things that gets ditched from your makeup bag in the summer. A streak of red across your cheeks is never a good look, so it is easier just not to apply lipstick. Find a waterproof lipgloss that stays is a wish that has been granted by **. Just a quick swipe of this and you’re on your way.

2. Water proof cheeks

The summer sun gives us a nice rosy cheek when we are exposed to it, but when we apply so much sunscreen (as we should!) to keep our fair complexion, you may need to add a little blush to face the day without looking ghostly. Spread some cargo swimmables blush from your fingers to your cheeks, for s happy summer glow that won’t fade. This small compact is perfect size to fit in your purse if you need a little tough up. It is amazing how much life comes into your face when you add some color to your cheeks!


3. Waterproof primer

The base of your face out to be waterproof to help seal in your canvas. Makeup revolution’s Aqua seal is great for eyeshadows and liners to help the color stick. A must if you like to do your eyes up in the water!


4. Makeup Forever Waterproof Liner

Eyes without liner is a great look for summer. No one is expecting you to have a dark sultry eye in the heat, but if you are someone who can’t go a day without eyeliner, Make Up For Ever is a great product for those times you will want to go for a dip, or if you are attended a summer wedding when waterworks are sure to come! Just a thin layer is all you need.

5. Nars tinted moisturizer foundation

Nars is a great product for a natural looking foundation. This product is a favorite because it gives you a bronze glow that makes it look like you’ve been kissed in the sun without needing any extra bronzer. It has SPF in it and is moisturizing for the skin. Plus, it goes on smooth and stays on throughout your day. Apply with your fingertips for best results.

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