How to achieve a fun summer look

This summer, a fun outfit is definitely on the menu. From the fun, colorful bag to the platform shoes and flared pants, this outfit is everything this summer. Here’s a foolproof way to achieve a fun look this summer every chance you get.
1. Be bold
If you want to have fun this summer, then choose an outfit that feels fun. Whether it’s platform shoes giving you height and a wow factor, or a pair of funky flare pants, your outfit will be taken to the next level by a statement piece that expresses your personality.
2. Wear white
The sun is hot this summer, and white is the color you want to be in when those rays are beating down on you. White is light, airy, cool and easy. It goes with just about everything and ensures that the bold piece you are wearing makes you look really good and fashion-forward instead of part of a circus act. The key to this look is balance and white is a great way to achieve that.
3. Be colorful
Against your white or neutral backdrop, add a pop of color. Bright red, orange, yellow, light blues or anything with a bright hue. Stear clear from dark burgundies, plums and forest greens this season. Choose something more light-hearted and blissful for your flirty summer look.
4. Wear it proud
Strut your stuff wherever you go, and you’ll be sure to turn heads. Whatever outfit you choose, be sure to pair it with a smile. Make it your own with your favorite pair of funky shades, big earrings, or signature accessories.

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