8 Hair products for the perfect blow out

Knowing how to achieve the perfect blowout should be in every woman’s hair arsenal. This look is always flattering to your cheekbones and face shape. It’s a well put together, sexy, and low-maintenance hairstyle. With these 8 products, you can take your normal hair styling routine to the next level. these products will give you volume, eliminate frizz and maximize shine for the perfect blowout.


  1. Caviar volume shampoo

When wanting to achieve the perfect blowout, you’ll need to start with a clean canvas. Caviar volume shampoo is going to plump up your strands with a deeply moisturizing shampoo, smooth frizz and this shampoo always leaves hair shiny.

  1. Living proof full conditioner

A good conditioner is essential for the perfect blowout. Living proof’s full conditioner boosts your hair to make it fuller, thicker and more smooth which is essential for the perfect blowout.

  1. Caviar cc cream

After washing your hair, and before drying, apply this cc cream from the roots to ends of your hair. This stuff is like lotion for your locks. It is going to protect your hair against the heat to come from the styling products and protect against humidity later.

5. Living proof full thickening mousse

Applying this mousse generously over your hair is going to give you a full hair look. It is extremely volumizing for your roots, and will make blow drying easier.

6. Ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush #3

To achieve the perfect blowout, you’ve got to have the right tools. Ghd ceramic radial brush is a large barrel brush, great for drying large strands at a time in the perfect round shape for a blowout.

7. Harry Josh Pro Dryer 200

I love this hair dryer because it is lightweight, and won’t give your arm a workout while you are working to achieve the perfect blowout. It is also whisper-soft with 12 heat, speed and ion settings help reduce drying time.

8. Ouai Texturizing Spray

No blow out is complete without a good hairspray to hold it all together. Oaui texturizing spray will keep frizz at bay, and add one final shine to the final product.


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