How to achieve a healthy glow this summer

The battle between having pure, young skin and being tan seems to be a bit of a battle. Many women would agree that being tan makes them look and feel better when the season to rock shorts, tanks and bikinis rolls around. Yet that beloved time in the sun comes with a bit of a guilty conscience knowing that you might be causing yourself some wrinkle-woes later on in life. So what exactly is the solution? Should we live in the moment by soaking up the sun every chance we get, or should we be future-minded and protect our beloved skin? The answer is both! Follow these skin-saving tips for summer to guard your skin and still achieve that coveted healthy glow at the same time.

Your skin is the most prized portion of you that you need to protect from wrinkles. For an easier and more effective alternative to glowing skin, choose a look that compliments your skin to fabricate a glow with no risk. Choose a good bronzer for your face, and accentuate your cheekbones, the frame of your face, and even your decollete. Apply a glowing highlighter just above your cheekbones to add that extra shimmer. For a blush, choose something bright pink or coral that gives off the impression you’ve just been kissed by the sun. For your lips, choose something glossy and bright. For your foundation, choose something oil-based with a glossy finish rather than something with a matte finish. Matte finishes give a great airbrushed, perfect-skin look, but a tinted moisturizer with a skin tone a tad darker than yours gives off that sun0kissed glowing look. Plus, tinted moisturizers often come with SPF that protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays while making you look tan.

Sun exposure and tanning beds risk major damage to your skin, and although spray tans are a little improvement, they are arguably not much better for your skin. Spray tans can be costly, risky and short-lived. Beach, river days and long hours in the sun by the pool are not the only culprits threatening your skin. Any time you are out and about at concerts, outdoor shopping or just sitting on the patio having brunch with friends this summer are chances for your skin to be vulnerable to sunburn and skin damage. And yes, your skin can still become burnt on cloudy or overcast days. To make sure your skin is protected, apply a good sunscreen. You probably know by now that most sunscreens are filled with waste products and even chemicals and toxins that can be more damaging to your skin than the sun itself. When it comes time to protect your skin, make sure you reach for a good sunscreen that is moisturizing, protects your skin and is beneficial for you long term.

Another great tip for achieving a healthy skin glow this summer is to eat right. It is definitely true that when you put good in, you get good out. Drink a lot of lemon water, which is hydrating to your entire body. Opt-in for fruits and smoothies for breakfast, such as cantaloupe, watermelon and berry smoothies. For lunch, choose greens and drink teas packed with antioxidants. And of course, stay away from processed carbs and sugars and dairy as much as possible as these ingredients are known for causing your skin to age, look dull and even cause breakouts.

Last but not least, embrace stylish shades, big hats, and bright colors to complete the look. Protecting your eyes, face, shoulders, and neck is healthy for you, and is totally on trend to complete your summer look. Bright colors like yellow, gold, and pinks are a bonus to compliment your glowing skin.

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