America’s 5 Best Fall Destinations

  1. Alaska

It’s not all eskimos and igloos. Alaska has beautiful mountains and vibrant Aspens that turn from green to yellow during the Fall months. If your idea of a perfect fall is to be outdoors in the crisp mountain air amidst the fall leaves, check out Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska’s Fall is short and sweet, lasting from September to October. Book your stay in Anchorage, this Northern state’s hub, or on the Kenai Peninsula where you can fish, in Girdwood where you can hike and mountain bike, or Homer where you can watch whales from the shore.

2. Colorado

The cultural hub of Colorado, Denver’s foliage can’t be missed with trees of autumn, green and yellow mingling in with the city. Hiking, Biking, and camping along the trails, including popular Cherry Creek are enhanced by the vibrant cottonwood trees. Festivals and events for travelers give you so much to do and so much beauty to admire while you are there.

3. New York

The city that never sleeps take a break from the summer heat in September-November when the air is cold, the leaves have changed, and the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city is even more endearing when the leaves of Central Park have changed. If you’re not much of a city person, on the outskirts of NYC in upstate New York you will find even more vibrant colors and enchanting fall landscapes amidst the many maple trees.

4. Vermont

Perhaps one of America’s best destinations, if you are wanting to see fall colors, is in Vermont. Trees ranging from green, red, orange and yellow set against a blue sky backdrop. A road trip through the countryside is a must!

5. Northern California

Although California’s weather boasts beautiful sunshine year round, Northern California is home to more trees that change color and air that cools down in the Fall months. Visit the Bay Area, Inyo and Mono counties and even take a drive along the coast in the Fall for beautiful scenery, delicious eateries and fun fall festivals in Northern California.

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