Beauty from the inside out: essential supplements


The B Vitamin is one of the most common vitamin supplements that people take for hair growth. Biotin and Biosil are popular over-the-counter supplements aimed specifically for hair health. The reason that these supplements are so effective is that they help carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles (1). A deficiency in the B vitamin not only prevents hair from growing but can cause hair loss. Sufficient levels of B Vitamin are crucial if you want to maintain healthy body in your hair for growth, thickness and strand strength. Vitamin B is found naturally in many foods such as

Vitamin A: Every cell in your body needs Vitamin A for growth, including hair cells which are the fastest growing cell in your body (2). Even though these hair cells grow fast, it still can take a long time for your hair to grow. If you’ve experienced little to no hair growth in recent years as so many do, it may be caused by a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin A is essential for your hair to grow and can be found naturally in many foods such as apricots, sweet potatoes, carrots, and leafy greens. If you want to up the intake, there are over the counter vitamin A supplements available, or many multi-vitamins have vitamin A as well.

C, D & E: SKIN

Vitamin C is the super vitamin used for health, immune, booster, and all things beauty. Since aged skin is caused by tissue damage, exposure to free radicals, dryness, and the breakdown of collagen, Vitamin C is especially good for the skin because it acts as an antioxidant, protecting against free radicals that cause tissue damage(3). Vitamin C is absolutely essential for you, and it is found in abundance in natural fruits such as strawberries, citrus, and leafy greens. To take Vitamin C as the supplement can be great for getting your levels up and boosting the beauty benefits of the powerful C. Most Vitamin C supplements come in the form of ascorbic acid, but it is better found from natural food sources- Garden of Life has a great one.


All of these supplements can be so effective for beauty-boosting from the inside out. A great way to know what is needed in your body is by finding out what you are deficient in. Symptoms are always very telling, and you know your body better than anyone, but it is always best to consult your doctor or naturopath before taking supplements. A great way to start is to remove carbs, sugars, and processed foods from your diet altogether and to replace it with fruits, vegetables and fresh foods that already have these vitamins in them in a way your body can process them quickly and naturally. Once you’ve decided to move forward in supplementing, there are many amazing products that extract all the goodies from the foods such as Vitamins A-E mentioned above and to put ’em into one easy to use powder. Carla Oats created The Beauty Chef supplement which contains  24 Certified Organic, bio-fermented and probiotic superfoods, for good gut health and healthy, glowing skin that has been proven to enhance the skin luminosity, clarity, hydration, and texture of those who used it (4). For

For hair health, Dr. Tim Golueke has developed Royal Fern: a capsule that contains taurine, biotin, gelatin, green tea, zinc, calcium, antioxidants, cysteine, beta-carotene, vitamins and amino acids that specifically strengthen the roots as well as promote hair growth (5). It’s an easy to take capsule that gets you all your vitamins in one and is specially formulated for your precious locks.

Since leafy greens seem to have most of what we need for our beauty and health, we could probably just eat mixed greens salads all day every day and not much else and be okay. But since that’s something very few of us plan on doing for the rest of our lives, we can just go straight to the source with one power-packed awesome supplement by HUM. One scoop of this stuff mixed in water or a smoothie contains daily raw superfood greens, antioxidants, adaptogens for energy, enzymes, probiotics, fibers for metabolism, AND it tastes like chocolate (6). What’s not to love? 

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