Best West Coast road trips to take in your lifetime

  1. Highway 395: Eastern SierrasMassive valleys and steep rocky mountain peaks that stretch to the highest mountain peak in the lower 48: Mt. Whitney. Owens River Valley is another attraction along this route. Nestled between two monstrous mountains, this valley offers access to hundreds upon hundreds of lakes, hikes, and trails all within a 20-minute drive off the main route. For an added bonus, visit the naturally occurring hot springs, and even a hot creek to bath and indulge in along the drive. Talk about a natural spa day. Dozens of elk herds, wild horses, and deer accompany you along this road.
  2. Alcan Highway

The historic Alaska Canada highway was built in 1942 as a part of wartime efforts as a way to transport troops and supplies. Since then, the Alcan highway has been a popular west coast trip for those who have a taste for wild adventure and crave to see the monstrous mountains, endless miles of trees, and even wildlife such as moose, caribou, foxes and bear along the way. Stone Mountain, Toad River, Desolation Bay, Beaver Creek, and Liard Hotsprings are just a few of the main attractions along the Alcan. Winters this far north are long and rough, so your best time to visit the Alcan Highway is during June-August. Mile 0 of the Alcan High is at Dawson Creek, and it extends into the territory of Alaska, giving way for your adventures up into Anchorage, Fairbanks and beyond. Yet, starting before Dawson Creek and going through Banff National park will make the road trip even more memorable, with notable views like crystal blue Lake Moraine and Lake Louise.

3. Pacific Coast Highway, California

You might want to rent a flashy red convertible for this drive. With sunshine all along the coast, the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) takes you from Sunny San Diego to San Francisco and many places in between such as San Jose, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, Malibu and Santa Barbara. Whether you visit every beach along the way or just a few, the PCH road trip is one to go in your lifetime.

4.  Monument Valley

For a memorable west coast road trip route through some of the countries most iconic monuments including the Grand Canyon, the forests of Flagstaff and explore iconic images of the wild wild west. Use Route 17 out of Phoenix to the 160 on the Arizona/Utah border. Continue your route to the famous Route 66 to experience the first transcontinental highway in America.


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