Colored my hair at the VIP, Invite-only, exclusive salon in the Hollywood Hills

As my car started up the hilly drive to the dpHUE House I wondered if I had put in the correct address in the GPS. But as I arrived at the address and drove down the vine filled driveway I knew this was not your ordinary trip to the hair salon.

2 days after hair color, the blowout is still strong
you better believe I was capturing the process for you 🙂

dpHUE House is an EXPERIENCE! The brainchild of famed colorist Justin Anderson, dpHUE House is an invite-only, exclusive salon set in a beautiful mid-century modern Hollywood Hills home. Justin Anderson is responsible for some of Hollywood’s lust-worthy hair like Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Dunst, Miney Cyrus, Leighton Meester, Chelsea Handler, Rita Ora, and the list goes on and on… He also created the dpHUE line that has received much acclaim for its ability to preserve hair color longer without damaging it.


On the day of my appointment, I was greeted by Tony the lovely gentleman I’ve been emailing with and brought straight to the fully stocked kitchen for a drink of my choice. After a quick overview of the house, I was introduced to Aleksey who was doing my color since Justin was not there. We took a little time to go over my hair routine and decide what we wanted to achieve during my appointment. I always wanted to have subtle highlights that seemed as if someone dusted my hair in gold micro-sparkles but without going brassy and orange (which my hair always does when lightened). The whole process was very personable and calm. The house is cozy and majestic at the same time but truly a peaceful atmosphere. I can see why it has become a hotspot of A-list celebs. It’s private, exclusive and the most elevated hair color experience I’ve ever been a part of.

We started in the main chair adjacent to the living room and once my foils were in and stubborn brunette hair lifted, we moved to a beautifully remodeled bathroom turned into a salon replica wash station. The house was truly decorated to have all the “salon” necessities but with a homey yet private vibe. Every room in the house had perfectly nestled pockets to wind down and enjoy your experience while your hair color processes. Truly IMPRESSIVE. Once my color was done Aleksey styled my hair and we had a mini shoot so I can share the results of my glamorous hair coloring experience.

When I finally got to take a look in the mirror, my hair was to my exact specifications! I was impressed! The dpHUE House is meant to be a place you can go to in between your regular hair colorist appointments but they really have longevity on the mind when it comes to color. Before I headed out they gave me a bag of goodies to take home and care for my newly colored hair. The products were meant to keep my color fresh and not brassy. I left with the Cool Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner (which is the prettiest shade of blue), some dry shampoo, their hero product (an AVC Rinse) to use between shampoos that will cleanse the scalp and avoid stripping the hair through over-shampooing, and the Gloss + Sheer, a colorless gloss that adds shine and softness to the hair.


Being a social media influencer I get an insider look on new trends, new products, and event but this was the first time I got the celebrity treatment for myself and it was something I’ll never forget.

If you want to try a new kind of hair line that helps your color last and is GOOD for your hair, shop the items I’ve been using from the line.

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