Cool Eyewear for 2018

It’s hard to believe there once was a time when wearing glasses was considered unattractive, or even “nerdy”. Now, eyeglasses are fashionable, bold, and add personality to your own unique style. Whether you are using glasses to drive, read, in your everyday life to see, or just to look extra stylish, these cool eyeglasses will look good from both sides of the lens.


Think of the glasses a woman would be wearing if she was donning bell bottoms, and a flower headband and you’ve got the idea. Round lens, thin frame, tinted glass, these glasses are fun and versatile for an everyday look.


Perhaps one of the most popular trends of 2018 is oversized glasses. Small glasses had a time in the spotlight, but it was short. Oversized glasses work better and are flattering for most face types. The key to oversized lenses is to keep the frame thin and choose a shape that flattering to your features and hangs lower than your under the eye down to the cheek.

Clear framed

Clear framed glasses are sophisticated, contemporary and timeless. They work well for lenses of all sizes and go with any outfit. Feel free to rock a thick, plastic square or cat eye shape with this style. Both colorful tortoise shell and neutral work.


There’s something about the contrast in the tortoise shell that makes your eyes pop. If you are looking for an eyeglass that’s easy to wear and flattering for most skin tones, try a tortoiseshell frame in any style you like: square, cat eye, or round.

Cat eye

We love when cat eye is in because it’s so flattering to the shape of your face. It gives the appearance of bright eyes, raised eyebrows and flaunts a flirty gaze. Metal frames, tortoiseshell and even bold colors look great with this shape. Oversized cat eye is even more in, choosing a lens that is more prominent with a frame that is thin.


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