Why women love shopping at Ikea and Men don’t

Why is it such a common picture to see men sit outside on a bench while the women shop in the stores? At shopping malls, grocery stores and even furniture stores like Ikea that cater to men, women, and children, men seem uninterested and even annoyed at times. We know men and women have their differences, but why is it that men can be so uninterested in something that affects them too, like their home. Although the minds of men and women will ultimately remain a mystery in many ways, evolutionists and psychologists can shed some light on the matter. Why do women love shopping at Ikea and men seem to hate it?

Evolutionists claim that a man’s hunter nature can explain this preference and behavior. Men were considered hunters, and women gatherers. Women are naturally inclined to “shop” around, gathering an abundance of goodies for the comfort, care, and nourishment of themselves and their families. Men, on the other hand, are naturally more concerned with safety, action and are hard-wired to catch their prey quickly and return home promptly. When women shop, it is usually out of pleasure and expected to be a long day with hours of browsing, price comparing, coupon searching admiring and deciding. When men shop, if ever, it’s usually out of necessity, is quick and to the point.

Psychologists attribute women’s interest in shopping and men’s distaste for it to the social aspect of behavior. Women are traditionally concerned with making a home that is a haven for nourishment, comfort, and beauty. Women become interested in transforming the aesthetics of him to make it more pleasant, where men are more concerned with their basic needs: food, shelter, safety, companionship. This can explain why single men’s homes tend to be much more minimally decorated and women’s homes tend to be more elaborate. Women have a desire to be socially connected, to make a day of shopping or “gathering”, comparing, choosing, and to do so with companionship. For men, hunting can be competitive and is often best achieved in solitude.

It can be argued that women love shopping at Ikea and men don’t because of the roles either one plays. Clearly, not all men or women are created equally but traditionally, women are concerned with keeping a nice, neat, inviting home. Women often show love by being hospitable, hosting parties, cleaning and they express their own personal style through decor and space in which they live- their home. It’s safe to say most women are proud when their home is beautiful, clean and functional. Shopping can increase this goal of ours, especially shopping at places like Ikea. These stores help women achieve their goals, and feed their passions for having a wonderful home. Women who stay at home with kids, or who work from home running their own business may cherish shopping at Ikea and other home goods stores because home is where they spend most of their time. On the other hand, women who are at work all day may want to enhance their house to be a safe haven when they return from work. Men, however, maybe so concerned with their jobs and exhausted with his work that shopping for the home doesn’t interest him much. Just like in ancient times, men would feel satisfied if they provided food, shelter, and safety for their family. In the same way, men may still feel completely satisfied and content and shopping at places like Ikea do not serve their mission.




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