Rose Color Meanings

Every body loves receiving flowers! Roses have been a symbol of love and a symbolic gift giving for generations. Each color of rose has a different meaning that is important to know for when you are sending a message to someone special. Make sure your message is received the right way by knowing these rose color meanings.



Perhaps the most commonly used rose color, red is a symbol of love and romance. A red rose symbolizes beauty and respect. If your message is “I Love You”, then a red rose is the one to choose.



White roses are popular in weddings because they symbolize purity, innocence, sacredness and reverence and heavenly matters. If you are a wedding guest, or maybe even the bride or groom, a white rose declares a celebration of a revered love and sacred relationship.



Pink roses have a meaning of appreciation, and to send a message of “Thank you”. Also meaning grace, perfect happiness, and admiration, pink roses send the right message for “congratulations”, celebratory events and kindness to a beloved friend.



Yellow flowers say “I care”. Their bright yellow emits joy, gladness, and delight, and are often sent in condolences for someone who has lost a loved one, who is ill or is in need of encouragement.



Peach is used to express appreciation, to initiate a new friendship by saying “Let’s get together” and expresses sincerity and gratitude.



Lavender roses have delicate colors, expressing “Love at first sight” and enchantment with someone. If you’ve found yourself love struck but not quite in the romantic “red” rose way, then lavender roses will send the right message.



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