Festival Must Haves

Festival fashion has claimed a category all of its own, and with Coachella just around the corner, we are all wondering what looks will be clogging our insta feeds next. From flower headbands to chokers, fringe, crop-tops and high-waisted everything, Festival season has claimed a “boho” signature that look, but that’s becoming a bit tired and is not the name of the game this season. The gates have swung wide open to gaudy shoes, glorified fanny packs and brazen crop tops. This season is yours to experiment with, just make sure you’ve got these must-haves in your bag.


A statement piece

Festival fashion is about breaking the rules, and looking fashion-forward while you do.  It’s not enough to be “boho”, a look that’s really in touch with the festival spirit has got to turn heads. Choose a bold statement piece that flaunts flattering cutouts, lively patterns and isn’t afraid to show a little skin.

The Hat

Hats replace flower halo’s this year with sailor cap, large sun hats, paperboy caps, large brimmed fedoras, and boater hats all in full swing. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to complete your look with a hat, whatever you’re feeling this year goes.

The bag

Fashion and functionality meet with the trending belt bag. Whether you call them glorified fanny packs, or just outright genius inventions, these waistline bags double as a belt and a convenient extra hand for your cash, ID, lipgloss or keys, things you want to keep safe on your body. Plus, these waistline bags are a total fashion statement and add some extra flair to every outfit. If these waistline bags aren’t your thing, stick to a large shoulder bag with a bold color and design or a delicate leather or velvet crossbody.


Front zip, denim bustier, lace down or mesh bustiers are all on-trend this festival. Pair with bold earrings, sunglasses, and high waisted to complete your look.

Flirty Crop top

Crop tops are nothing new to festival season, but this year’s difference maker for the crop is the cut and material. Instead of reaching for that classic shortie T-shirt, you’ll be dawning a crop top made of chain, sheer silk or chunky knit with classic A-lines or deep and sultry v ties. A perfect pair for high-waisted shorts or hiphugger flare pants.

Bold bottoms

Whether it’s a fringe skirt, flare 70’s style pants or mere sheer pencil skirt, be daring with the bottom half of your look.  Matching sets are in, so feel free to par a bra with distressed levis.


Heeled booties are the look for shoes this year, with bright metallic colors, studs, and fringe, a pair of heeled booties are a must-have to complete your outfit this festival season.





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