Your Skin Spring Cleaning Guide

Closets, bedrooms, and kitchen cupboards all have an appointment for a fresh clean when Spring arrives. If you only ever wear one denim jacket it’s time to let the other 6 hanging in your closet go to make room for what’s next. The same idea goes for your skin. When you’ve been hiding away in the winter, wearing lot’s of makeup during the busy holiday season and staring out the window waiting for the first ray of sun, then it’s time to celebrate: Spring is finally here. Wherever you are in the world, it is refreshing and exciting to see those flowers blooming, hear the birds chirping and feel the sun shining generously your way. It’s time to embrace some new skincare habits, adopt a new shade of foundation and experience the best way to let your bare natural skin welcome the season.


1. Begin each day hydrated

Filtered water with ice cubes, infused with lemon, cucumber or mint are refreshing drinks we often forget about until Spring arrives. Yet, these combinations are hydrating for your whole body and your skin. Start each day with a tall glass of water, squeeze some lemon juice in the glass and place a few slices of fresh cucumber for an added bonus. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, so be sure to drink 8oz or more of water each hour or so. Keeping a reusable water bottle close by throughout your day helps remind you to stay hydrated.

2. Start your makeup routine with a fresh canvas

Each morning and every night, be sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and exfoliate at least once a week. A good, natural cleanser will get the majority of the dirt and makeup off of your skin. Follow up with a cleansing toner that will close your pores, preventing breakouts later on. Finally, apply a moisturizer before applying your makeup. Even though makeup has the illusion of being hydrating because of it’s lotion-like texture, the makeup may dry your skin throughout the day. It’s much more beneficial to your skin to apply a layer of moisturizer or even facial oil to your skill before applying foundation.

3. Adopt a new foundation

A common mistake many people make is not updating their foundation with the changing season. Foundation does not have an eternal shelf life and should be purged every couple months. You wouldn’t pour old milk in your cereal, and you shouldn’t put old foundation or skin care products on your face. Additionally, your skin is not the same color every time of year. Sun exposure changes your complexion, and it’s a good idea to visit your local makeup store to get an updated, matched tone. Don’t be afraid to try a sample of a new brand or shade for a few days to see how it wears. Spending just a few days out in the sun can change your skin tone dramatically, so it is a good idea to adopt a new foundation this Spring.

4. Sweat and tone

Healthy pores sweat. Working out allows your skin to breathe and to rid themselves of toxins through physical exertion. Great for your skin will be getting some exercise in the fresh air. As the weather gets warmer, outdoor workouts are now going to become a sweaty affair. Make sure you apply a natural sunscreen to your face before you workout and wear a hat to protect your face from burning or uneven sun exposure. After each sweaty workout in the hot yoga studio, outside or spin class, carry a small bottle of toner with you, or natural wipes. Failing to wipe the sweat and dirt from your makeup right away can allow the dirt to seep into your open pores and cause breakouts.

5. Tan gradually

The sun is coming your way this Spring, and Summer will be here before you know it. Spending all winter a little pale and hidden can cause your skin to burn at first exposure. Wear a light layer of low SPF sunscreen, or just decrease your hours at first to gradually re-introduce your skin to the sun before and do not let it burn.

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