Get ready to go in 2 minutes

Have you ever wondered how much time in your life has been committed to getting ready? We wake up and get ready for our day, get ready again after the gym, and any time there is something big happening, we pull out our big back of beauty tricks to look our best for that special occasion. What if I told you that you didn’t have to spend more than 2 minutes in front of the mirror to get ready for the day? These amazing beauty products will make it look like you spend hour getting ready!
1. Moisturize first
Always start by moisturizing the skin. You want to make sure the canvas you have to work with is always clean, moisturized, and prepped for the next layer. Anti-aging benefits of moisturizer are key and Olay total effects moisturizer is perfect for that effect. This mouse-like moisturizer will plump up your skin, and send away any dryness or stiffness in your skin.
2. Apply a quick foundation
Amore Pacific has a wonderful compact that is not like the rest. Many other pressed powders dry out your skin, begging for a base coat of liquid foundation. But Amore Pacific’s compact is refreshing and even hydrating. It is considered a long-wear, so it won’t smudge off or need to be touched up, but if you are having a really long day, it is so convenient to bring with you re-apply.
3. Brighten up
It’s amazing how much a little color on your cheeks will change your face from looking tired to looking alive and happy. A pale complexion is associated with fatigue and sickness, but bright, rosy cheeks are associated with youthfulness, feminity, and good health. Glossier’s cloud paint applies quickly and evenly and results in a very soft and natural look. Don’t miss this trick in your beauty routine!
4. Darken the eyes
Benefit’s “Better than Sex” mascara wears its name pretty well. It applies evenly to your lashes, lifts them up while you apply to open up your eyes for a more wake and bold look. A little goes a long way. To add more definition to your eyes, add a quick swipe of Bobbi Brown’s eyeliner to your top eyelid. Careful attempting a cat eye, that might take your 2 minutes getting ready into 10! Instead, keep it simple with a thin, even and symmetric layer.
5. Brighten the eyes
Now that you’ve added so much black to your eyes, brighten them back up with RMS beauty eyeshadow. Their bright and playful “Mod Signature Set” palette has the perfect combination for highlighting the brow, darkening the crease, and brightening the lid.
6. Give your lips a boost
Bright, heavy lipstick takes a bit more time, effort, and decision making. Instead, get ready in 2 minutes with a quick kiss on the lips by Burt’s Bee’s tinted lip balm. It colors up and enlivens your lips without feeling heavy or too bold. Best of all, it hydrates and plumps up your lips while you wear it.

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