Why You Should Join the #NoMakeup Movement

No makeup selfies have been clogging our Instagram feeds lately… and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Started by the inspiring Alicia Keys who opted to quit wearing makeup in May, even on her airings as a judge on The Voice. Alicia Keys act was labeled “brave” by many celebs who followed suit such as actress Cameron Diaz, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and Victoria’s Sect model Adriana Lima. With so many celebrities starting the no makeup movement, it’s no surprise that thousands of girls have followed their lead, and it couldn’t be more refreshing. In a world so obsessed with appearing “perfect” all the time, especially on social media, it’s encouraging to see so many revealing their real selves with boldness and confidence for their uncovered and unfiltered beauty.

  1. You are free to choose

Truth be told, wearing makeup is fun. It’s one of the many perks of being a woman. Just like dressing up and doing our hair, wearing makeup is a chance to change our look, get fancy for an event or whatever we are going for. The issue comes when girls think they “need” makeup to look pretty, or worse, when girls think they are prettier with makeup than without. That’s simply not the case. The cause of the #NoMakeup Movement should be to reveal that we are all real, beautiful woman who don’t need makeup. Wearing makeup is our choice when, where and how we want to. Wearing or not wearing makeup doesn’t change how beautiful we are, it simply reveals our true selves and our own flair of personality. The beauty here is: you are free to choose for yourself and both wearing makeup and not wearing makeup is beautiful.

2. Your skin will thank you

Do you ever think about the fact that what we do most consistently and daily has significant effects? For example, if you workout and eat healthy every single day and you will likely lose weight. Whereas if you eat junk food every single day and sit on your bum you will likely gain weight. Point being, if you wear makeup every single day, it will affect your skin and your face short term and long term. By letting your pores and skin go without makeup, you are letting your skin “breathe”. This can completely restore your face to being acne-free and prevent wrinkles and discoloration in the long run. Many makeup brands have chemicals and additives and junk you shouldn’t put on your delicate skin, so for the days you  are going to wear makeup, opt for an organic makeup brand instead. Most makeup brands have ingredients such as sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, and titanium dioxide that can cause allergies in sensitive individuals.

3. Because You Can

Putting on makeup in the morning takes time, money and effort. Plain and simple. Granted, it can be so fun to change up your look and “paint” your face like a canvas, but many days it can be just like another chore in our beauty routine. The freedom to not wear makeup is a good enough reason to join the no makeup movement, because it’s oh-so easy and no longer labeled as “lazy”. So go let your makeup free selfies fly and

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