5 Simple and Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

 There are often things that mothers have done for us that we don’t even know yet. For 9 months they carried us, through sickness and in health, joyfully awaited our arrival and stuck it out until they saw our crying faces. Since the day we were born, whatever struggles, good times or bad times you and your mother have gone through, Mother’s Day is a chance to share your thanks to them and love for them. Whatever your relationship with your mom, it’s a chance to reach out in kindness and love and take the chance to put a smile on her face.

With Mother’s Day only 4 days away, it’s time to start thinking of the perfect gift for her if you have not yet already begun. Regardless of what you choose, if it’s heartfelt, she will love it! But there are some things you can opt to get mom to make her even happier on this special day. Check out these gift ideas for mothers day below:


1. A great pair of slip on’s: any mom needs an easy shoe that looks great and is comfortable and easy:

Remember all those empty open boxes at Payless when you were just a little rugrat and mom would spend hours in stores trying to find you the perfect pair? Well, now it’s your turn to pamper mom with a pair of shoes! Whether your mom is the kind that shops often and loves shoes, or is the type of mom who pretty much always buys everyone else things before herself, shoes are a great gift. No doubt she will love them and think of you every time she slips them on her feet this summer.

2. Chocolates are always a good idea! My mom has a huge sweet tooth and she loves Norman Love Confections chocolates so I went with that this year.



3. Monogrammed Bag: I always like the idea of monograming because it’s a lot more personal then just picking up a purse. August California has some great bags for Mother’s day and they give back to the community to boot.









4. Custom Jewelry: My new obsession is custom jewelry pieces. Its something that never goes out style. I have a couple pieces from byChari and I’m thinking of buying some as presents for loved ones.


5. Flowers 

If you live far away or have something planned you just can’t get out of on mothers day, you can always have flowers sent to let mom know you’re thinking of her. Just because you can’t hand deliver them doesn’t mean she won’t love a fresh bouquet! Check out proflowers.com or teleflora.com for a great mother’s day gift or head down to your local florist and hand deliver them yourself.

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