My Morning Routine

It’s been said that one who wins the morning wins the day. I’ve always found it essential to personal success and happiness to get into a good morning routine. Here’s what my morning routine looks like every day. Although there are always ways to improve and grow, I’ve found this morning routine helps keep me healthy, happy and focused!

  1. Check my emails

As soon as I wake up in the morning, I check my emails. Because work and healthy communication is a top priority for me, I try to check my emails first thing in the morning so I can respond to what is really urgent. Living, working, and traveling internationally leads me to have so many wonderful conversations with people around the world, so time zones vary. It’s important to check my emails first thing, to get them answered and sent off asap.

2. Make my to-do list

Writing to-do lists down helps me get my thoughts onto paper so I don’t forget anything! I recommend writing lists because it can help to prioritize tasks effectively. Having everything on a do list lets me go throughout my day being productive, and it’s oh-so-satisfying to get to cross things off as I go!

3. Look at my calendar

If I have a photoshoot, meeting, lunch date, or anything else planned, I usually know about it the night before, but checking the calendar is always a good way to make sure nothing slips my mind. There’s nothing worse than missing an important meeting, or showing up at the wrong time or date! The act of keeping a calendar and writing something down on the calendar can also help you remember for the future.

4. Write in my 5 minute journal 

Journaling is a healthy way to write down your most intimate thoughts, a cool idea you had, or simply to spend some much needed “me” time. 5 minutes seems to be the perfect amount of time in the morning to get a little journal time in. I highly recommend keeping a daily journal if you don’t already, it can be really fun to look back, and there are so many benefits to keeping a journal.

5. Plan out  my meals for the day

Meal planning is so so important to keep tabs on your diet. With a busy schedule, you have got to be proactive with what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat, or else you can quickly lose track and your diet can get out of control. Planning healthy meals will ensure you reach for something good for you at mealtime, and not just whatever you’re craving at the time or whatever is most convenient.

6. Have my morning coffee while I make breakfast

Morning coffee is a must for me. Whether you’re a tea, coffee, or smoothie drinker, i find having a morning beverage can give you good energy for the day. For me, coffee is a must. Cooking breakfast for myself usually consists of an egg, avocado morning sandwich… sooo good! I also cook breakfast for Brian, and he eats so much food, it can be a fun challenge to come up with healthy, high protein meals for the both of us.

7. Start my day. 

After a nice, relaxing and productive morning I get myself ready with my usual beauty routine and start my day…



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