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  Welcome to the New School of Beauty, where we learn about what Vitamins our skin craves to be healthy, what people have experienced glowing results and what products they used to make it all happen. Onomie is the latest product on my radar, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all! Onomie uses amazingly effective, natural Vitamins and botanicals to work its magic. Plus, they put every product through rigorous testing to ensure the products work like they say they do. Each product is tested on a panel of 30 women run by a neutral third party to ensure accurate and unbiased results… and the results are amazing! Just browsing their website you can see all the impressive before and after shots.

Onomie’s Bright Concealing Elixir

Usually, you have to set aside some time when you’re not wearing make-up to put a bright colored mask on your face or even some cucumbers to try and heal your skin of their “imperfections”, but Onomie’s Bright Concealing Elixir goes to work while you go about your day full-faced in makeup. This product has been garnering a lot of hype, and for good reason! This seemingly magical concealer does more than just cover up the dark circles around your eyes, and redness on your skin… it gets rid of it! Seriously, this product is a win-win. Try this product out yourself to see why it’s Allure’s Best of Beauty Award winner and Refinery 29 BIA winner… I know I will be.

A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment

This illuminating eye treatment does what it says! The texture is a lightweight, velvety mousse that soothes and softens the skin, brightening eyes both instantly and over time, and is great for use as a highlighter in your makeup routine and an anti-aging treatment in your skin care routine. A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment uses good, real vitamins, not chemicals, to achieve its stunning results. Uses Vitamin A for reducing wrinkles and brown spots, Vitamin E for UV defense and dryness, and Vitamin C for brightening the skin and fights against free radicals.

Clinical Skin Tone Corrector & Radiance Booster

Ok, give me an all-in one that reduces the amount of work that I have to do, and actually works, and I’m in! This all-in-one treatment doubles as skincare serum and lightweight pre-makeup primer. It totally makes sense to put an under layer on your skin before applying your makeup… it might as well have effective skincare vitamins in it as well! This Clinical Skin Tone Corrector & Radiance Booster features Blackjack Botanical (increases collagen production and moisturized your skin), Daisy Flower Extract (brightens tone and makes you glow) and Willow Bark Extract (gives you smooth skin and a radiant glow).


No outfit is complete without clean, healthy and glowing skin. Onomie completes the look.

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