How to Pack the Perfect Carry On

Whether you travel often, or rarely, far distances or near, you know the importance of a good carry on. It can be hard to stay clean, comfortable or entertained when on flights. Here are some tips to show you how to pack the perfect carry on to make your travel experience so much better.

  1. The main bag

Make sure that the main bag you use is easily accessible with a top zipper, and has the ability to be stuffed larger or smaller if needed. Many airlines will be sticklers about the size of your carry on, and if you can’t fit it in that overhead bin, you’ll have to check it. That is a carry-on nightmare. Avoid having to pay an extra fee and being without all your go-to things by getting a bad that is larger enough to fit what you need, but small enough to squeeze into a tight overhead compartment and light enough to carry throughout the airport. You don’t want something straining your arm all day. And of course, choose something that is easy on the eyes and goes with any outfit you may be wearing that day.

2. Cardigan or blanket

Flights often seem to fluctuate on temperature. One flight you may be hot and fanning yourself, the next you may be shivering and hugging yourself to stay warm. Don’t risk it. Be sure to put a cardigan or blanket in your carry on just in case the flight is a bit chilly that day, or if you need extra comfort to fall asleep.

3. Cosmetics

This is the biggest complaint most people have when traveling: they get off the plane (or out of the car if you’re road tripping) and they smell a little ripe, their hair is a mess and their face also could use some TLC. To avoid this happening to you, pack the essentials. No more and no less. (Remember this is your carry on, don’t pack your entire bathroom!).

  • Deodorant
  • Travel Toothbrush (one that folds into itself) and paste
  • 2 Flosser picks
  • Lip Balm
  • Face moisturizer
  • Face wipes (can use for face, hands, and underarms)
  • Hair tie/ bobby pins
  • Mini version of your makeup: Many times, you want to pack all of your makeup on a trip, but it can save space to put this in your checked baggage. Instead, make a trip to Ulta and Sephora or the local retail store of the makeup you like and ask them for samples. Pack the samples to save space, or place a small amount of what you need in smaller containers you can find at Target, or resuse home items such as old pill bottles or contact lense containers.

4. Entertainment

  • Headphones: wrap and use a clothespin to keep then untangled
  • Phone charger: Place charger, headphones, and even hair ties into a glasses case for compact storage
  • Laptop with smaller charger (If you have a short flight, charge your laptop to 100% so you don’t have to pack a charger, for longer international flights, MacBooks give you the option to extend your charger or use the shorter cord option)

5. Sustenance

Being hangry on a trip is not going to help you have a great experience; neither is overspending on cheap airplane food. Instead, pack some of your favorite snacks and just-in-case goodies.

  • Gummy snacks for a sweet and fruity treat thats easy to pack
  • Protein or meal bars for extra calories and energy
  • Tea bags: green tea if you have an early flight for natural energy, or chamomile for if it’s a red eye and you need hep sleeping
  • Ginger chews: Ginger calms nausea, so packing ginger chews from the store can hep you if you feel a bit queezy at all
  • Gum or mints: hop off the plan with fresher breath (after you brush your teeth, that is)


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