Picking the right pair of eyeglasses

What is it about a pair of eyeglasses that makes someone’s character stand out?

Clark Kent with his famous frames before he became his alter ego Superman. Abigail Breslin wouldn’t have been as cute in Little Miss Sunshine without those adorably oversized glasses. I believe that fashion is something that should reflect everyone’s own personal style. From head to toe, glasses to shoes, you have the chance to define and express your unique self. Eyeglasses are now being worn purely as a fashion statement and can boldly declare your personality, without having to compromise on quality or functionality.

Whenever I find something that fits me well, it empowers me. I have found that what we put on ourselves, and what we show to the world, are closely related. It’s all about loving yourself for what makes you stand out and giving something unique to the world.

Eyeconic’s Nine West glasses are my latest obsession for this reason. They’re bold and modern, yet feminine and timeless. As someone who has loved fashion my entire life, Nine West is the ultimate resource for relatable, contemporary footwear and fashion pieces for as long as I can remember. That’s why I chose Nine West NW5128 glasses in a jewel-toned crystal green. Decorative elements reign this season, and Nine West does a great job of translating key trends like animal print into their eyewear. With this frame, I am able to mix my feminine style with exotic zebra patterned temples and add a little edge to my wardrobe.

Whether you need a prescription or wear for fashion only, Nine West glasses are gorgeously-crafted, flattering and on-trend. After all, glasses were invented to help protect our eyes and improve our eyesight, but if glasses weren’t also a fashion statement, how boring would that be? Luckily, with Nine West eyewear, you can have the best of both worlds, style, and function.

That’s why I wanted to let you know about a current Eyeconic promotion that will entice you to purchase the Nine West glasses that reflect your personality! You can get $20 off eyewear starting with orders of $100 and up. Just use the code: EYESAVE20. For even more of a discount, get $25 off sunglasses on orders $50 and up using the code: SAVE25SUN. But hurry, these offers expire January 25th, 2018!! And as a reminder, you can use your 2017 insurance benefits for even more savings.

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