Powerful scrub for ingrown hair and razor bumps

Summer is in full swing, and it’s no doubt you’ve been rockin’ those bikinis, daisy dukes, rompers, dresses, and all those bare-skin shorties. Whether you’re at the lake, river or the beach, surely you want your summer vacation to be as stress-free in the beauty department as possible. And let’s be honest: ingrown hairs and razor bumps are never cute. Avoiding this unattractive and often painful skin problem can be avoided by simply not shaving, but staying inside and covered up this summer doesn’t have to happen! There are some simple and sweet tricks for keeping those ingrown hairs and razor bumps at bay all summer long. If you already have razor bumps, this is an effective recipe for getting rid of them! If you haven’t gotten razor bumps yet, then make sure you start off with this sugar scrub to rid ingrown hair and to avoid getting razor bumps!


1. The simple yet effective recipe for ridding ingrown hair and razor bumps

1 cup sugar: the sugar should be granulated. The texture of the sugar helps in exfoliation to remove ingrown hairs.

½ cup coconut oil: Coconut oil contains lauric acid that has antibacterial properties and acts as a powerful moisturizing agent.

10 drops tea tree oil: Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that helps to kill harmful microbes and protect your open pores and ingrown hairs from getting infected.


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