Ripped Jeans & Plaid you all know, if you pay attention at all, I’m a huge tom boy. I do like to dress up every once in a while but I’m most comfortable in jeans and some chucks.

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I feel like you should be who you are at all times. If you try to dress like someone it will never come off as genuine. I totally get having someone inspire you, but take that inspiration and put your own spin on  it. With me, I kinda wear what’s comfortable/ readily available. That usually translated to either workout clothes or jeans and a t-shirt but since most of my pictures are in workout gear, I thought I would give that a break and post some of my other clothes.

This is my current favorite jacket I found in Bloomingdales once. It’s from Free People and no one would ever guess that! It’s super soft and looks worn but you can throw it on over anything which is my favorite part. The hood zips off as well.

Jacket: Free People



Jeans: Rag & Bone (they are sooooo soft)


T-shirt: Wildfox



Booties: Bloomingdales (any black chunky booties will do)


I love these booties I have and wear them so often with different types of outfits mainly because they are so comfortable!!

IMG_1865 2

Living in LA, you see so many creative people and art all around you. People definitely aren’t scared to be who they are here. To call people “nutty” here would be an understatement. Maybe that’s why this city got the nickname “LALA Land.” Regardless, you have inspiration everywhere you look, the best stores (and I don’t mean Rodeo Drive) and the fashion district downtown to make something yourself, if still nothing excites you.

I love to go around with my girlfriends, that dress completely different than me and let them pick out an outfit for me to try out. Sometimes, that opens me up to something new and sometimes I wonder if they know me at all. Regardless, I encourage everyone to try something new at least once a month. So try a shirt with a print you usually don’t wear, or a dress that’s a different length than your normally used to. What if you get compliments from your friends or better yet strangers and it makes you feel good about yourself. I bet you’ll be more open to trying other new things as well. Then your energy changes and people notice that. Soon you’ll be open to trying new activities and meeting new people and I guarantee you will have a new zest for life!

So the point of my long drawn out story was that at one point I hated plaid. I thought it was only for farmers and lumberjacks. I know I was being dumb but I was also 16. One day I was freezing cold and my friend lent me her plaid button up that I quickly put over my leather skirt and black tank and I got so many compliments that night that it changed my perception on plaid. Maybe I needed to give it a try. Not because people’s praise means so much to me but because sometimes we are bias, hardheaded or ignorant and we need to give new things a chance if other people that love us respond well to them. So I did and I’ve been a fan of plaid ever since.

I’m obsessed with this right now! And the best thing is it’s ONLY $17.17!!! Check it out

FullSizeRender 22

I buy a lot of my plaid at Nordstrom. You can click the individual pictures for details.


FullSizeRender 23




IMG_1805 2 IMG_1863 2

For women, I think it gives you a little bit of an edgy, look-like-you’re-not-trying look and can dress down any outfit! You can throw a plaid shirt over a black maxi dress, wrap it around your waist with a pair of jeans or shorts and I especially love pairing plaid and leather! I think its so sexy and cool.

images (4)

This is another great coat I saw at Nordstrom. Click the picture for details.


For men, I think it makes you look a little rough around the edges, a little manly and a little like you don’t give a shit (which let me tell you is so sexy to girls)! Do you ever wonder why certain girls fawn all over a guy that you don’t see anything special about?? It’s because of his attitude! He acts like he doesn’t care, his confident and ability to rock anything he’s doing or wearing with ease. Even if you have to fake it I guarantee you will see a difference in the way women treat you.

Shirts I love

Pair these over a white t-shirt and leave them open for a casual look or buttoned up for a dressier look.

Also make sure your white T-shirt isn’t see through or transparent. Make sure its a solid white that looks crisp and fresh.

Deep v-neck shirts don’t look great on most men so opt for a different cut. Deep Vs only look good on slender builds.








All my pictures taken by Cherub Moore: Check her out!

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