The secret to being a morning person

Its often said that if you win the morning, you win the day. But many of us struggle to get out of bed at all, let alone “win” it.
Being a morning person seems to be a gift not all of us are blessed with. But no matter your natural tendencies or preferences, with a few tricks and changes, we can all be a bright eyed and bushy tailed morning person, excited for the day.

1. Adjust your sleep cycle
If it takes a bucket of ice and someone pulling at your ankles to get you out of bed in the morning, then you are clearly too tired. Waking up should not be this much of a struggle, so your struggle of exhaustion demands some adjustments in order for you to be a morning person. First, start going to bed earlier and earlier gradually throughout your week. A solid 8-9 hours of sleep is recommended to be energized, and it will not happen over one night. Being sleep deprived for years or even just a few weeks can affect your body and it will take time to reverse the negative effects. On top of going to bed early, try taking a 20 minute at some point in your day. Being a morning person requires you to have proper energy, and that extra small amount of sleep may not seem like much, but can rejuvenate you enough to help you wake up easier the next morning.

2. Have something to look forward to
Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a captivating book, a job you love, or a podcast you listen to on your way to work, always have something that is going to happen that morning or day to get you excited to begin. Remember, it is your day, and you have the power to decide how it will be. Customize your life with what you love, and you will enjoy your mornings in your own way.

3. Set a soothing alarm
If your alarm blares loudly and shocks you awake, you will undoubtedly hate that moment when your peaceful rest is rudely interrupted. It’s hard to be a morning g person when waking up is so unpleasant. Instead, set a custom song that is soothing, gradually wakes you up and is softer in your ears. You don’t need a blaring chime to get you up, any noise will do if it goes on long enough. If you share a bed, encourage your partner to wake you up gently and softly.

4. Set the atmosphere
Before you go to bed, set your room in order so it is peaceful to wake up. Cracking your window in the morning can help you wake up more gradually. Waking up in a dark room can make it harder to get out of bed. Your body can learn to rest and rise with the sun. If you keep your blinds or window cracked when you go to bed, the natural lighting will gradually wake you up instead of a harsher light from your ceiling. Another great tip is to clean your room and make your bed. Sleeping in a room that is neat can help you rest easier and wake up more energized.

5. Prepare ahead of time
Plan your breakfast and lunch the night before, or even on the weekend for the coming week. Knowing you don’t have to fuss about deciding what to eat can relieve some stress. Try on the outfit you’re going to wear the next day and pack your bag as well. If all those little things are done ahead of time, you will be free to enjoy your morning, and eventually, you may enjoy it so much you will become a morning person.

6. De-stress your morning

Mornings can be stressful to those who spend the first few hours of the day rushing and fussing. Many peoples mornings look something like this: check your phone, jump out of bed, hurry through a workout, rush to shower, dress quickly, grab your coffee, grab your bag and get out the door ASAP. The reason this rushed routine is so popular is because there is so much we think we need to do and have little time in the morning to do it all, causing us to rush. To become a morning person, you need to enjoy your morning routine. Start by breathing deeply and meditating on positive things for a moment instead of looking at your phone. Try a relaxing yoga workout and stretch your muscles to wake your body up naturally. Get up early enough to enjoy your shower and your coffee.

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