• My go to look during the winter months: a pair of comfy jeans and a soft neutral sweater. There’s also a recent post on my winter wardrobe staples on the blog ➖www.simplyandreea.com➖
  • [AD] Do you have a hard time finding a good protein bar like me? Happy to say @thinkproducts have amazingly yummy bars with low to 0 sugar and a high protein count. Definitely check them out when your at the store. #ithinkican
  • Layered gold jewelry I’m obsessed with. Check out my @liketoknow.it to shop the look. @modelistemagazine #ModeAroundTheGlobe @Chicmansion #chicmansion
#http://liketk.it/2JoC2 #liketkit
  • The first week of 2020 I got the worst acne/ skin reaction so I made it my mission to heal my skin quickly using some of my fav products from @ernolaszlonyc . Today I’m sharing what products I used and a few other can’t live without favorites.
  • Mood when you find out it’s a holiday weekend and you have one more day before the work week. Who can relate? 🙋🏻‍♀️ @modelistemagazine #ModeAroundTheGlobe @Chicmansion #chicmansion 📸 by @loganrae_hill
  • Swimsuit recommendation for your next winter getaway: Came back from my trip with a tan that will hopefully last all winter! Also the cut on the bottoms of this swimsuit is so flattering and elegant. I would definitely recommend it. .
📸 @loganrae_hill @modelistemagazine #ModeAroundTheGlobe @Chicmansion #chicmansion
  • The only bag I packed for this beach vaca is from the new collection launching on @happilygrey ▪️When I get home, I plan to use it as a basket for blankets around the house until my next beach getaway #multiuse items are my go to now in my efforts to be minimal and sustainable. .
.@modelistemagazine #ModeAroundTheGlobe @Chicmansion #chicmansion #dominicanrepublic #puntacana #beachbag #beachessentials #vacationmode #vacation #beachgetaway
  • This week I consistently used a new product form @pixibeauty that I was pleasantly surprised by. Their RoseQuartz Soothing Oil was an everyday addition to my moisturizer to add an extra boost of B3 and antioxidants! Not to mention the subtle sparkle it gives your skin is really pretty ✨ (ad)@modelistemagazine #ModeAroundTheGlobe @Chicmansion #chicmansion
  • Boat day today! Got my sunnies, a swimsuit and my noodle cuz your girl still can’t swim 😝
.@modelistemagazine #ModeAroundTheGlobe @Chicmansion #chicmansion
  • when your face wash matches your bathing suit. Is it fate? Maybe. Is it good? Definitely. (Jojoba grains infused with Elderflower water, Grapefruit, Safflower and Milk Thistle Oils. Smells like Grapefruit and Elderflower.) now you know ;) [ad]
@modelistemagazine #ModeAroundTheGlobe @Chicmansion #chicmansion

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  1. Punit says

    I met her a month ago we just met two times, then she called me at night and invited me for Coffee at her house by saying her parents are gone and she is alone, so i thought it was sign by her for me to make out with her,  so i went to her house we watched movies, then dance and slowly i started kissing, she started breathing heavily, i thought she is uncomfortable but she’s neither resisting me and then she was all over my body on couch, and then she me pushed me to her belly and on that moment my mind was bursting by all type of thoughts like i hardly know her it is just our third met and what i m doing she is a nice girl what she’ll think of me and got nervous, then i again kissed her and said i m not felling her and gone, now I m not able to face her  i feel like loser , now I know it’s a sin to get intimate on first date 

  2. navid8 says

    I totally agree with this andreea.. Not having sex on first date could even make you look more controlled and prove you are something beyond your basic instincts.. as a guy I never push to get laid on first date even if the girl is superr hot and irrisitable.. however I remember when I was about 25 yrs old We got drunk came to my place from a close friends b.day party and I had sex with the most beautiful girl I had ever met….After that night I didnt see the girl ever but not because It was a first date sex,,, infact she was that friends sister! 🙂

  3. AYASHIB says

    Hi Andreea. What Im about to tell you has nothing to do with sex on first date but I really need an advice. Well, to sum it up, im starting to feel things for a prostitute (its no joke) and apparently she feels something for me too. She treats me differently, we chat from time to time on the phone, sometimes she just doesnt charge me for her services, and so on. Please, I dont know what to do, I fear that she might be using me for something greater than just money and dont want to get hurt. How can I be sure that she really likes me for my personality and not for my money?

  4. Carlos Avalos says

    Good evening Andreea!
    Firstly I would like to say nice post! I agree wholeheartedly and enjoyed reading. How you spend your time with a person can really bring into perspective your intentions of how it is you want them in your life.
    In a subtopic, have you ever listened to “You Never Know” by Immortal Technique? I am not sure if it is within your genre preference, but the story within that song wholeheartedly made me cry. Beautiful and sad song, but it really digs deep into appreciating the uniqueness and beautiful souls of the loved ones we have in our lives, especially when it comes to significant others we grow to love beyond the pleasures of the flesh.

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