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It’s no secret that I love to experiment with my style. I’m quite the shopaholic, and I love keeping up with the trends. However, buying new clothing and accessories all the time is not entirely sustainable. Lately, I have been looking into more ethical options for my wardrobe to be more environmentally and socially responsible. Below, I have listed my top 7 companies that promote ethical fashion.


With the spring season rolling in, it’s time to clean out our closets. Selling second-hand clothing is a great way to take part in sustainable fashion and make a little money on the way. Poshmark is an amazing site to sell and buy second-hand fashion. I have been using Poshmark for a while now, and I absolutely love it! If you are interested in shopping my closet, search @andreeacristina on Poshmark.


ThredUp is another great site to buy and sell second-hand clothing. To sell on ThredUp, you can purchase a “kit” on their website. ThredUp sends you a box for all of your lightly worn clothing, and they will then choose what to sell on their site. You can choose to get cash for the clothing selected, or you can donate the proceeds from your items to charity! Any clothing they don’t choose can be sent back to you or responsibly recycled by them. I also love buying on ThredUp because you can get incredible designer products for a fraction of the price.


H&M has been killing the game in sustainable fashion! Firstly, their garment recycling program is impressive. In any H&M store, you will get 15% off your next purchase for donating a bag of unwanted clothing. In addition, they just came out with the H&M Conscious Collection for Spring 2019. The items in the Conscious Collection are made using sustainably sourced materials and ethical methods. The line features romantic and feminine clothing, which completely aligns with my style.

Outdoor Voices

Lately, I have been doing my best to stay on my workout grind, and, thankfully, Outdoor Voices has me covered. Several of the fabrics are sustainably sourced and created using recycled materials such as water bottles. Plus, the pieces are incredibly functional and come in a variety of colors and styles.


Knowing that my clothing is created in an ethical environment is extremely important to me. Everlane only partners with the best, most ethical factories from around the world. I trust them because they let the customer know all of the steps taken to create a piece of clothing and exactly how much it costs; they call this “radical transparency.” Adding to the sustainability factor, Everlane’s clothing is made to last. They aren’t doing the “fast fashion” thing there. They create timeless pieces that will last years.


“Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2.” This is Reformation’s motto. The brand offers eco-friendly, trendy clothing. The list of initiatives they are taking to remain a sustainable brand are endless, but their main goal is to make fashion a more socially and environmentally conscious industry. From the wind-powered LED lighting in the storefronts to the intense screening process of the fabric, Reformation is working hard to make this vision a reality.

PacSun & Me To We Collaboration

PacSun has partnered with Me to We to make a difference in communities worldwide, and I am here for it! With every product purchased from the Me to We collection, a portion of the proceeds helps change the life of a child or family overseas. The products allow me to support a great cause through my everyday purchases.

I am not perfect when it comes to shopping ethically, but I am doing my best to be more aware of the decisions I am making. These companies are proof that sustainability and fashion can and do go hand in hand.

Shop my favorite sustainable looks:

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