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4 Tips for Getting in Shape for Swim Suit Season

They say that Summer bodies are made in the Winter… but what if it’s already Spring and you’re still not in your ideal summer bod!? Don’t fret. If you’re on the West Coast or somewhere where bikini season is approaching faster than you can say “abs” then it can be a little daunting to slip into a bikini just yet. There’s still some time to get yourself in shape for swimsuit season, to boost your confidence and help you reach…

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Vintage Swimwear: Is it back for good?

We all have that one trend we wish would stay around for good. It makes its way from the high-fashion runways and name-brand lines down to department stores, outlets and every store in your mall, and before you know it, it’s littering your IG feed. Some trends stay around for a long time, and some seem to fade quietly away. I guess you just have to enjoy it while it lasts because it can be hard to say when it…

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