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5 Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is for many of us more than just another drink option on the menu at breakfast time. It’s our lifeblood. The first thing we go to when we wake up, our favorite treat in the middle of the day and something we just can’t go without, so don’t even ask us to give it up. Luckily, there’s a lot of support for keeping coffee in your diet and there are many healthy benefits to drinking coffee. Here are 5…

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4 Must Have Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Everybody’s got their daily fix they just can’t go without. Some are chocoholics, some need their happy hour cocktail, and for many of us, it’s that coffee buzz we crave. Whether you’ve got a predisposition for a quad shot before 9, or maybe it’s just way out of your nature to go the weekend without a feather art latte with friends, there are some must try coffee alternatives for both health and flavor. Try one, or all of these 4,…

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How many cups is too many when it comes to coffee?

Some of us are casual coffee drinkers, enjoying a nice cup of Joe as a friendly treat with friends. Some of us reach for that cold brew when we’re up late studying or early working. You could say that drinking coffee in moderation in social settings or when it is needed the most is a healthy relationship with coffee. Yet there are some of us who need it to start our day and have a “but first coffee” approach to…

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5 Things You Should Know About Your Relationship With Coffee

 Does your day begin when your alarm wakes you up, and you first open your eyes or does your day begin after your first cup of coffee? Most people would argue the latter. Whether you are a 4cups-in-before-you walk-out-the-door kind of a coffee drinker, or maybe you enjoy the occasional latte with a friend, coffee is something that the majority of the world enjoys and even indulges in. Whatever your level of obsession with this magically brewed beverage, there are some…

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12 Gadgets That Will Make Your Morning Coffee Taste Better

I saw this article on Food52 and thought I would share with my fellow coffee lovers.   Even the most avid of coffee geeks get stuck in a rut—because once you find a maker that seems to work for you, why change it up? That’s how I’ve always felt about my personal coffee-making dream team: an old glass-walled french press and a grinder I picked up at the hardware store. They make good coffee, there’s no question about that, but…

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