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Making the most out of your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day pushes us to be creative in the way we express our love for others. Some may feel an overwhelming amount of pressure to sweep someone off their feet, but a great Valentine’s Day can be achieved without a grand gesture. To make your loved one feel special on this holiday I would suggest thinking about it as an entire day, not just a night out. Whether you get to be with your special someone that day or not,…

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How to overcome a fight with your significant other

Be Slow to Speak, Quick to Listen What’s the end goal, here? If your goal is to fight, get your point across, and feel better about yourself in the moment, then losing your anger and “venting” about all the ways the other person wronged you is easy to do. It also won’t get you anywhere. Make an attempt to truly understand the other person’s side of view, and this can be done only when you listen to them. Don’t just…

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The Complexities of Ghosting

Single for almost a year now, I am no stranger to the dating scene. In that regard I have been the ghoster and the ghostee. You may be asking yourself… what exactly is “going ghost”? Ghosting – The act of doing nothing and being hard to find.  Also said as: to ghost, ghost, go ghost. In dating, ghosting consists of appearing really into someone then disappearing off the face of the planet.   So why would a mature adult ever…

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Dating and Social Media

I recently had the discussion at work with my colleagues about this growing predicament. Does social media ruin relationships?  My co-worker currently in a relationship believes that limited social media strengthens her bond with her significant other. She has two accounts and her boyfriend does not connect to anything. In this, she feels as if she doesn’t need to worry about him sneaking around behind her back. She barely posts herself, so he also has nothing to worry about. My…

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Date with Purpose

That moment when you realize you need to delete a phone number once and for all. It may be 3:51 am, listening to that slow love song, drunk texting the one that got away who’s overseas. Or after the girls night when you return to your empty bed.. Iooking through your phone book for someone to call. It’s just never a good idea. You end up buying that overpriced plane ticket. Or going through old photos and digging an even bigger…

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