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Top Things to Do in Molokai

  The island of Molokai is in a place to visit for cultural immersion and relaxation. If you want to unplug, unwind, and enjoy beautiful beaches and a true Hawaiian getaway, Molokai could be the island for you.  The best way to see Molokai is without a plan because it allows you to freely explore the island without obligations and have a laid back mindset. If you visit the island of Molokai, then you can still have an idea of…

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My Molokai Vlog

My first trip to Molokai I didn’t know what to expect. I heard it wasn’t like the other Hawaiian islands so I came with an open mind and no expectations. What I found was beauty in nature and people alike! This is one of three videos about my trip to Molokai. So stay tuned!    …

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My Trip to Molokai

  Molokai island also referred to the belly button of Hawaii is one of the most remote and authentic islands in the Hawaiian chain. Located a mere 9 miles off the coast of Maui, Molokai is a valued member of the family of Hawaiian islands, yet it stands out amongst the rest. Having never been conquered, Molokai upholds an intense loyalty to their ancient Hawaiian heritage.   The shorelines of Molokai are not glittered with beachfront resorts, the shore breaks…

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Adventuring with Franck Berthuot

When I decided to go to Maui, I knew I wanted to link up with a great photographer to document some of my adventures. So I started asking around and looking on Instagram for Maui based photographers. I finally came across Franck Berthuot’s Instagram Page: frankiebees. His photography stood apart from the rest. It was so mature and deep. The pictures weren’t just a picture. There was a story behind them. I liked that he photographed beautiful women in a…

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Starting off Maui with the Ritz

Last Sunday I landed in Maui. It was the longest flight mainly because my friends and I were so excited to get there. It seemed like the five-hour flight was more like ten hours. But we finally landed and as soon as we stepped out of the plane, we were greeted by the humid, Hawaii air. I haven’t been here in nearly five years yet the memories started flooding back as I passed random spots. Deja vu to the max! Two…

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