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The Hawaiian Ingredient You Need to Incorporate into Your Routine

Chances are, you’ve never heard of Noni before, but this sacred Hawaiian fruit has such a wide variety of medicinal uses that it could just be the next big “superfood” trend. The plant can be ingested or applied topically as an incredibly effective regimen for health and wellness, inside and out. Many studies have proven Noni to be a powerful supplement for hair, skin, cardiovascular, liver, and immune health and I’m here to break it down for you. Noni juice…

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Inscape: Guided Meditation at your fingertips

From the moment you open your Inscape app, you’ll be lead to ultimate relaxation. Your guided meditation session begins by reminding you to breathe, it even leads you with beautiful calming graphics on how long to hold your breath and when to let go; a simple step that can make all the difference in mediation. With soothing, calming graphics and sounds, this app lets you fall into a peaceful state almost instantly. You’ll forget you’re even using a phone entirely!…

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Weekly Tips- Essential Oils

This week for my weekly tips, I wanted to give you guys more of an insight into the way I was raised. My parents tried very hard to keep me off western medicine unless it was a very serious illness. They are not those types of folks that don’t vaccinate their kids but they do think you should hold off on the meds unless you really need them and I agree as well. With society moving faster and faster now…

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