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6 Simple Tips for Beautiful Lips

Use a straw A simple tip that can make a world of difference is by using a straw. Whether it is coffee, alcohol or juice, your skin will react to the chemicals and acidity in the drinks that can result in drying skin. A quick fix is by sticking a straw into any drink your enjoying, it’ll save your lips from unnecessary harm and keep your lipstick off the glass and on your lips. 2. Moisturize overnight Use products with…

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12 great Nail Care tricks to do until your next spa day

In a perfect world, we’d all have our own personal manicurist who touches up our nails every day, keeping them up to our standards of perfection without any blemishes, chips, or God forbid: breaks. Far too common though, is the reality that not too long after we leave the nail salon, we find ourselves racing back in a few days later for a quick fix. Whatever your greatest headache is with your nails, these tips can help you to be…

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Great Natural skincare products at Target under $20

When it comes to beauty, we all want to have what’s best for our skin, but we don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg for it. When it comes to what I put on my face every day, I want ingredients that are natural and will promote beauty instead of deterring it by using harmful ingredients. However, most of us shop at drug stores and retail stores like Target because it’s cheap, it’s quick and it’s convenient.…

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Easy way to maintain healthy skin

We all strive to have healthy skin but long drawn out processes with numerous products often deter us from even the simplest of steps: washing our face. Maintaining healthy skin doesn’t have to be a struggle or even take you longer than a few minutes! It starts with keeping our skin clean. With the LUNA mini 2 by FOREO removing impurities from our skin is simple, fast and more hygienic than ever. Every day, we are exposed to pollutants and every day our schedules…

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6 Products for Beautiful Winter Skin

If you are someone who experiences dry, cracking skin during the winter season, you’re not alone. The cold air leaves many of us with skincare problems that we have to deal with each year. Luckily, there are some amazing skincare products that can help lead you to beautiful skin, all winter long.  I especially have cracked skin around my nails from washing dishes, cooking, and the cold weather, using Nateur’s lotion is the magic worked for me to restore my hands to…

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