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How To Have a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Relationships can be our greatest joys in life, and having successful relationships is what we all aim for. Let’s face it, no body wants to go into a relationship thinking it will fail, but most people are counting down the days until one of you calls it quits. As if it isn’t challenging enough to make relationships succeed, adding many miles between the two of you can turn a difficult relationship into a seemingly impossible feat. But take heart, the…

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Date with Purpose

That moment when you realize you need to delete a phone number once and for all. It may be 3:51 am, listening to that slow love song, drunk texting the one that got away who’s overseas. Or after the girls night when you return to your empty bed.. Iooking through your phone book for someone to call. It’s just never a good idea. You end up buying that overpriced plane ticket. Or going through old photos and digging an even bigger…

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How Long Till You’re Over Him?

“I mean sheesh, it’s already been 2 weeks,” says best friends everywhere. But getting over someone is frankly easier said than done. Cuffing season has officially come to an end, and summer is on the horizon. So are you over your ex? The average 20-something year old woman moves on in the length of said failed union divided by 2. “Science” says a year and a half. It all is subject to how invested you were in the relationship. It…

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