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Don’t fly without these 8 beauty products

Some people love flying, the exciting take-off, relaxing entertainment and the thrill of where they are going next. Many others, however, simply hate it. Long lines, crowded crammed seats and trying to sit still for hours can be a bit of a dreaded experience. Whether you are someone who loves flying or not, or maybe a little bit of both, flying doesn’t have to take a toll on your beauty. The key to stepping off the plane refreshed is to stay…

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How to Pack the Perfect Carry On

Whether you travel often, or rarely, far distances or near, you know the importance of a good carry on. It can be hard to stay clean, comfortable or entertained when on flights. Here are some tips to show you how to pack the perfect carry on to make your travel experience so much better. The main bag Make sure that the main bag you use is easily accessible with a top zipper, and has the ability to be stuffed larger…

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Top things to do in Cancun

My most recent trip to Cancun has got me reminiscing. The clear blue waters, the beautiful scenery, the fun things we did, and the amazing hospitality from Live Aqua Beach Resort all made it a memorable trip. This destination makes for a great vacation because there are so many ways to be uniquely entertained, but also plenty of refreshing relaxation and decadent indulgences to enjoy. Since my latest post about how memorable my birthday was at Live Aqua Beach Resort,…

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Health Risks of Frequent Travel and How to Avoid Them

If you’re lucky enough to have a job that has you travel, a long distance relationship, or maybe you just have an incurable travel bug. Whatever it is, if you travel frequently you know it’s both a blessing and sometimes a curse. Frequent travel has so many benefits to us, like teachings us new cultures, getting us out of the house and so on. The question is, is there such thing as traveling too much?  As it turns out, there are risks…

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Experiencing Venice During Carnival

  The incredible magic of Venice Italy reveals its true splendor in February when thousands flock to the canaled streets to celebrate the Venice Carnival. In the 18th century, Venetians would dress in elaborate apparel, ostentatious dress, and extravagantly decorated masks. The masks were commonly worn by those protecting themselves from something. Whether it was thievery, pursuing a forbidden love, or hiding from someone. Venetians would wear masks to hide their identity, until the wearing of masks was banned in 1608…

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