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Must try eyeshadow palettes for the Holidays

As far as I’m concerned, eyeshadow is just as important for the Holidays as the ornaments on the tree. Applying a bold eyeshadow, with dark smoky hues and lots of shimmer is the key to achieving the perfect holiday makeup look. Whether you have work, family or social Christmas parties to attend, dressing for the occasion starts from the top down. Magnify your eyes with these must-have eyeshadow palettes. It’s a simple addition that can make all the difference!…

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New in Makeup: Why I’m Loving Fenty Beauty

New brands and makeup lines are coming out with things constantly. So often, in fact, it can be hard to keep up! For someone like me who tries a lot of products, there are so many that I love and swear by. Yet it’s rare to find a brand that struck my attention like Fenty beauty does. Here’s why I’m loving fenty beauty: 1. Rihanna made it If that’s not reason enough to get your head turning, I don’t know…

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3 Must Know Tips for Finding your Perfect Foundation

  1. Are you warm, cool, or neutral? When shopping for the makeup that fits you best, there are many factors to consider. We all have uniquely different skin, and our shades and undertones all play a role in how our final makeup look will turn out. Part of embracing your uniqueness is finding the look, colors, and tones that fit your features best. To tell if your undertones are cool, warm, or neutral, you’ve got to take a look at…

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My Daily Makeup Routine

I wanted to share with you my normal makeup routine. It is pretty basic in my opinion but I hope it helps you reach a similar result. I uploaded the video on my YouTube channel but ill attach it below as well. The products I use: Moisturizer: I use moisturizer all throughout the day because I tend to have dry skin. I’ve been using one for a couple years that is really amazing but its a little pricey. It called…

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