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Makeup Maintenance Guide

Clean your brushes regularly Every 1-2 weeks, you should clean your makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and any other items you may frequently that go from product to your face. If you let someone else borrow your brush or blender (which I don’t recommend), wash it right after. 2. Know when to say goodbye If you haven’t used gel eyeliner, lipstick or makeup in 3-5 months, it’s time to say goodbye. Your gel or cream based products should be replaced no…

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Organized Cooking with my Master Pan

Anyone that has seen me cooking knows I’m a very messy cook. There’s food flying all over the place and piles of dishes and pans in the sink. Mainly because I am cooking multiple dishes at the same time and cleanliness is not a priority. I rarely ever measure ingredients (unless I’m trying to report back a recipe to you all) and organization is definitely not my strong point. So whenΒ I was recently browsing a site called and came…

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