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4 Great Hikes in Los Angeles

‘Tis the season for outdoor workouts, getting under the sun, out in nature and in shape! There are so many benefits to working out daily, and working out outside. These beautiful hikes are perfect for an intense cardio workout, or a breezy slightly challenging walk with friends. Whether you are visiting Southern California or are lucky enough to call this place home, here are 5 top hikes you don’t want to miss. These trails are a full of beautiful nature, long…

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My Trip to Molokai

  Molokai island also referred to the belly button of Hawaii is one of the most remote and authentic islands in the Hawaiian chain. Located a mere 9 miles off the coast of Maui, Molokai is a valued member of the family of Hawaiian islands, yet it stands out amongst the rest. Having never been conquered, Molokai upholds an intense loyalty to their ancient Hawaiian heritage.   The shorelines of Molokai are not glittered with beachfront resorts, the shore breaks…

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Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques and Benefits

With so much going on in our busy lives, it’s important to take a breathe every now and again. Whether it’s an overloaded class schedule, an intense job or a lengthy commute that’s got you feeling overwhelmed, or maybe you don’t feel overwhelmed at all and you are looking for new ways to become healthy, meditation and mindfulness techniques can help you in all areas of life. Meditation and other mindfulness techniques have benefits themselves, but even more so, mindfulness is…

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Why You Need Vitamin D, and How to Get it in the Winter

   In the Summertime, the sun is shining, bikinis are out, and all is right in the world. In these winter months, it can be a bit more difficult to feel the same way. Why is this? Living in California, I must admit am pretty spoiled about much of the world, where winters are not too harsh, and we always have a good amount of sunshine. There is still something about the warmer summer months that makes my whole aesthetic a little…

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5 Benefits of Being in Nature

Living in the city can be such an exciting ride, with so much to do all of the time, and an enlivening energy in the air. Yet there are many benefits to being in nature that we can easily forget when we are caught up in work, our to-do list, and our social sphere. Whenever we do make the time, it tends to be something refreshing and memorable. Spending time in nature has many benefits for us and our health that stem…

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