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How to Reduce Signs of Aging with Lifeline

With science advancing so rapidly it’s inevitable that big advances in skincare are on the way. I am always on the lookout for the latest in skincare technology, to find better ways to treat different skin concerns. Since I don’t have sensitive skin, I’m able to try many of these new products. Few have impressed me as much as Lifeline skincare. The scientists behind this brand were originally not set out to create revolutionary skincare. Their research began in searching…

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Benefits of Wearing Less Makeup

It’s no secret that I love using makeup, experimenting with different makeup looks is one of my favorite things to do. However, the health of my skin always comes first. Makeup and skin health don’t usually go hand in hand. We all use makeup to create a perfect complexion, but it is often having the opposite effect on our skin. The benefits of going makeup free may actually result in a better complexion than can be achieved with makeup. Benefits…

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5 Easy ways to go green this earth day

We all adore our beautiful earth, and today is the national earth day to celebrate it. Yet even though we adore our Earth, do we truly love and care for it? If we do love our home here on planet earth and want to preserve it, we all to play a part. Like it or not, your daily actions effect this earth in some way: good or bad. There are many things in life that may seem like we just can’t effect change,…

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