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Sustainable Fashion

It’s no secret that I love to experiment with my style. I’m quite the shopaholic, and I love keeping up with the trends. However, buying new clothing and accessories all the time is not entirely sustainable. Lately, I have been looking into more ethical options for my wardrobe to be more environmentally and socially responsible. Below, I have listed my top 7 companies that promote ethical fashion. Poshmark With the spring season rolling in, it’s time to clean out our…

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My Camping Must Haves

So today I was missing the woods as I usually do at least one a month. I crave being away from the city, the noise and the people, in the middle of nature surrounded by nothing more than the ruffling of leaves and the sounds of the animals that live there. I actually thought about going camping for thanksgiving instead of the usual festivities but most of the places close by are pretty cold at night and my camping gear…

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