Ways to change your hairstyle without cutting it all off


When us women get bored, inspired, or are feeling a little reckless, our innocent locks are usually the first to get cut. Why is that? You know the story… you move to a new city, break up with an old beau, or see an irresistibly cute picture on Pinterest or Instagram, and chop. Off with your hair. It’s fun for a while, but before you know it, you miss your long strands. We all want change, but sometimes we need to sleep on it, literally, a few more nights before letting it go. If you’re looking for a way to change your hair without cutting it all off, check out these 5 tips. If after all this you still want to go for a shorter style, go for it!


1. Semi-permanent hair dye

Once again, some days we want to change, but we don’t want it to be totally permanent. Try a semi-permanent hair dye for those times you want to switch things up without making a big commitment. Semi perms can last


2. Luxy Hair Extensions

When trying different styles or colors with your hair still doesn’t cut it, and you need a little length, it’s time to reach for Luxy Hair Extensions. Luxies will add beautiful length, shine, and thickness to your hair. If you’ve got a special occasion, or are simply bored with what your short strands can do, reach for Luxies and you’ll be over the moon with how your hair looks, no cutting required. To get your own pair of Luxy Hair Extensions, you can use my coupon code LUXYANDREEA for $5 off.


3. Keratin Treatments

You’d be amazed at how restoring a little straight and shine to your hair can give it new life. Not only can keratin treatments drastically improve your shine, but they can soften your curls without permanently getting rid of them.


4. Hair Scarfs

There’s only so much you can do with hair ties and bobby pins. If you’ve tried all the updo’s, braids, and messy buns you could think of, try a hair scarf. It will add a pop of color, and add style to your outfit. Wrap it through a braid, or around your scalp on a ponytail or bun.


Before Luxy:

After Luxy: 

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