Wedding-Ready Beauty Round-Up

My wedding is less than a month away and the pressure is on to make sure everything is perfect for the big day. The planning of such a big and important event is hard on its own, but with all the photos being taken at a wedding it’s been especially important for me to feel and look my best approaching my wedding weekend. Confidence can be a struggle when there is so much stress that surrounds planning a wedding, but I’ve found some beauty must-haves that have made me feel my best as my wedding day gets closer and closer.


While I always love getting my nails done, this feature becomes even more important after getting engaged and planning for a wedding. So many of the pictures being taken feature your hands, showing off the rings, I realized my nails had to be on-point for the wedding. I instantly thought of Essie nail polish and nail-care, I’ve been using Essie as far back as middle school and it never disappoints. I love their range of colors, and their cuticle oil and Quick-E Drying Drops are magic.

I’m currently making my final decision on my wedding nail design. I thought it would be fun to incorporate my “something blue” into my nails and Essie’s color “Bikini So Teeny” was a gorgeous blue for my beach wedding. But the other Essie design I tried is a soft gray fade featuring Essie’s “Set in Stones” glitter polish, and it’s so beautiful when the glitter catches any light. I love both of the designs and the Essie colors compliment my color palette for my wedding so well, it’s going to be such a tough decision!  Stay tuned for my wedding pictures to see which design I chose!


Keeping my face bright and clear has been on the top of my mind as I prepare for my wedding day. I recently came across Garnier’s 2 in 1 Clay Cleanser and Mask. You know I’m always testing tons of skincare and this was such a great find for me, I’ve seen noticeable changes in my complexion since I started using this. After traveling so much my skin wasn’t at its best and this has really brightened and refreshed my skin. And not only does it actually work, but it smells great, works for men and women, and is super affordable.  This cleanser has been such a good add-on to my daily routine leading up to my wedding.


To get my hair wedding-ready, I’ve focused on how healthy I can keep it as the wedding gets closer. There is going to be a lot of hair styling happening on my wedding weekend and I want my hair to be its strongest. I’ve been using the Color Wow Dream Clean shampoo, it doesn’t leave any residue on my hair or scalp which is important for maintaining my hair’s shine. I also use the Nexxus Reconstructing Treatment, which has been great for preventing breakage leading up to the wedding. Those two products along with making sure not to wash my hair too often have been successful in keeping my hair healthy for my wedding.

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For more details on my wedding-ready beauty routine head to my YouTube page where I break down so much more, from pre-biotics to my favorite sunless tanners to get beach-wedding ready!

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