World Kindness Day should be everyday

Today is World Kindness Day. Almost everyday celebrates something these days, but I really enjoy this particular celebration. I honestly didn’t know it was World Kindess Day until 15 minuets ago but I’m glad I know now and can bring awareness not to the day but to the aspect of human kindness.


Now I’m definitely no saint and we all have the power to be mean within us, but what constitutes being mean? Is it something intentionally done or an accidental menesing act? I hope it’s not the later because we would all be guilty of it. Everyone has good days and bad days and I believe it’s a show of character and our evolution as a person how we handle the tough situations. Do we resort to making people around us feel just as bad as we do or do we take a moment and re-center ourselves before we interact with people?


Today should not serve as the only day you think about doing random acts of kindness or a kind gesture because someone told you it’s World Kindess Day. Instead, it should planing be a reminder that we have to constantly try and be better every day. Doing a good deed will make you feel infinitely better than any amount of money and gift you could receive. It’s an instantaneous reward knowing you improved someone’s day or even the environment. Picking up garbage at your local park, giving that extra granola bar to the homeless guy on the corner, and maybe donating that $10 that you usually spend everyday on Starbucks or you personal indulgence to your favorite charity. Being kind should be done for show, and you definitely shouldn’t expect and audience and definitely not a thank you. You should do it because you want to do something good that benefits you in no way.


I was recently asked during an interview what makes someone sexy and I didn’t even have to think about it at all. My response was the way someone treats others. Especially if you are in a position of power and you still treat everyone with kindness and respect, it says more about someone’s character than everything they have accomplished in their lifetime.


When we leave this earth, we can’t take our possessions, our titles, our achievements. We leave this earth with nothing but the lasting impressions we left on people. If you had the opportunity to change the world in someone or even one person’s life for the better I think you should consider yourself lucky.

The world is becoming more and more ego centric. Social media trends show selfies doing better than a picture of a beautiful landscape for example. People worship beauty and that’s quite alright as long as we remember the biggest beauty is within ourselves. That is what we should share with people! This might sound hippy dippy but I would love there to be a camera that takes a picture of someone’s soul. That would be the most beautiful selfie.

So treat this day as a reminder to be kind and curious towards friends, family and strangers. Everyone walks their own path and has their own battles and demons. You can’t judge someone’s behavior unless you know the whole story and frankly, you will never know someone’s entire story. So be the best persons you can be today and every day and forgive yourself if you slip up and try to do better the following day.

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    November 13, 2015 at 10:34 pm

    It’s really nice from you to try to raise the awareness of people to be kind to each others 

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