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8 Hair products for the perfect blow out

Knowing how to achieve the perfect blowout should be in every woman’s hair arsenal. This look is always flattering to your cheekbones and face shape. It’s a well put together, sexy, and low-maintenance hairstyle. With these 8 products, you can take your normal hair styling routine to the next level. these products will give you volume, eliminate frizz and maximize shine for the perfect blowout.   Caviar volume shampoo When wanting to achieve the perfect blowout, you’ll need to start…

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The 10 Commandments for summer hair care

Let it dry naturally Beach days, pool parties, and casual brunch dates are the theme of summer, and your naturally wavy, curly, or straight hair is way in. Carrying a natural texturizing spray in your purse is a great way to make sure your hair dries under control and not frizzy after a swim. 2. Always Protect Before diving into a chlorinated pool or spending hours in direct sun, make sure your strands are guarded against the harsh exposure. A simple way to…

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Plant-Based Beauty: 6 Flowers that promote healthy skin and hair

Nature is full of abundant gifts. Trees, herbs and flowers provide dreamy aromas, beauty to our eyes and nurture to our lives. For millenia, civilizations have lived off the earth, embracing a fully natural life to indulge in what these plants have to offer. Flowers are more than just a pretty for a vase, there are hundreds of variety of flowers that are useful for aiding in our own health, wellness and beauty. Here are 7 flowers that are used…

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Pure Leaf London Fog Cookies

  This post is in partnership with Pure Leaf When the seasons change, so do our cravings for warm drinks and sweet treats.   Pure Leaf’s Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla is the perfect drink to enjoy this winter season. This London fog cookie recipe uses Pure Leaf tea to make a delicious treat to enjoy. Featuring a unique blend ofPure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla, this creamy, soft and sweet cookie is the perfect match for a cozy mug…

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5 facts to know about hair extensions

If this is your first time looking into hair extensions or you are a hair extension veteran, it’s always best to be well informed. That’s why I have put together the 5 facts I think everyone should know about hair extensions. What type of hair extensions are there? You will come across real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. I highly recommend real human hair extensions because they will last longer and look more natural in your hair. Synthetic hair gets damaged by…

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