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Comfortable, Stylish and Affordable: Finding the perfect couch

Finding the perfect sofa for a space is something everyone deals with. To some, it seems like a daunting task and others look forward to the challenge. I always get excited moving into a new spot because it means I can redecorate! So I wanted to share with you all my living room decor progress and my new couch. A sofa is such a big piece in any home and often one of the most utilized pieces of furniture so…

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How to paint interior walls

Even though I’m renting my apartment, I still decided to paint a couple walls because I can’t stand the white everywhere. It reminds me of a hospital and I hate it. However, I do like light and bright rooms and I didn’t want it to get too dark in the apartment. My first instinct was to go with forest green or jade green but that would of made the apartment so dark and small. Then, I was debating about painting…

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How to dress up large bare walls

I’ve been dealing with decorating my LA apartment for a few months now. Part of the problem is contently get bored and decide to change everything around. Its a never ending cycle of me getting an idea and buying all the stuff and putting it all together, only to think of something better two weeks later and have to switch everything around. I don’t really believe in astrology and signs but many people have to me it’s because I’m a…

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