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Luxy Hair Review

Beautiful, long, healthy hair is something all women dream of. Even when we go through our “chop it all off!” phase, it’s not long before we find ourselves reminiscing about our lengthy locks we once had. Wouldn’t it be magical if we could simply have it all back again? With Luxy hair extensions, you can!  Through a simple process of what seems like magic, your hair can flow long and beautiful again. A good quality pair of hair extensions can…

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20 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil

Many beauty products can be over-priced, filled with chemicals and clog the storage in our bathrooms. Although it can be super fun and useful to get the next best thing, sometimes the most effective and efficient beauty products are those that are natural. After all, the earth does have all that we need to sustain ourselves in a healthy way. Coconut oil is one of those magical natural discoveries that can be used for a multitude of beauty uses.   1.…

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5 Health Benefits of Protein

 Healthy Hair Protein is the building block of Keratin,  Consuming 45g of easily digestible protein per day can boost hair health over time, giving your hair more shine, strength, and length. Plant-based protein powders are a great example of an easily digestible protein, ensuring that you get to that 45g per day. Foods like wild caught salmon, hemp seeds, quinoa, sardines are other hair-healthy options. 2. Developing Lean Muscle Whatever kinds of workouts your opt to do in your routine, protein…

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5 Simple Tricks for Healthy Hair

In a perfect world, we would all wake up with our hair shiny, styled and ready for selfies worthy of a proud “I woke up like this” caption. Reality, though, sings a different tune. Kinks, frizz, dullness, and difficulty to grow, our hair can be fussy and stubborn. Through the years, I have paid attention to what works, what doesn’t and narrowed down a list of 5 simple things you can do to ensure your hair stays happy, healthy and…

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