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Make Great Coffee at Home

I start every morning with a cup of coffee, it is a must in my daily routine and something I truly look forward to. And as an avid coffee drinker, I have tried making coffee in every which way: using pods in a machine, on the stove, using a French press, instant coffee, etc. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. With my life being constantly on-the-go, I often praise my Nespresso machine. It’s fast, versatile, and makes great tasting…

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Holiday Cocktails on a Budget

With the holiday season beginning there will be many occasions to celebrate! Throwing a party of any kind can be costly, but Holiday parties in particular can rack up costs quickly with decorations, food, and gift exchanges. It’s always nice to have a festive drink this time of year, but with a large party all of those ingredients for a fancy drink can be expensive. So, I went on a search for the best party drinks and cocktails that will…

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Tousled Waves: How to Get the Look

Trend alert! If you haven’t noticed by now, a 70’s revival is imminent. Tousled, Wavy hair with a sexy middle part are all you need to start. Nude, Taupe lips for your pout are also on trend, so you can give a milder and natural take to your makeup, too. Groovy screen tee’s and even flare jeans are a bonus to complete the look. Check out my post on how to get the perfect tousled waves with this 70’s look.…

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5 Ways to Stay Motivated & Achieve Your Goals

It’s Friday, and it’s March. The last day of the work week and 3 months since you started your New Years Resolutions. How you doin? If you’re still on the go full speed working towards your goals, kudos! You are an inspiration, and we applaud you. If you’re struggling to keep working toward your goals, considering quitting, or already have quit… well, I’m proud of you too! It takes a lot of faith in yourself to set a goal. Getting…

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Kombucha- What it is, Why is it Healthy & How to Make Your Own

Kombucha: What it is Kombucha is a fermented, naturally carbonated, lightly flavored and lightly sweetened probiotic tea drink that is commonly intended for many functional healthy benefits, and is praised for its satisfying and unique flavor. Kombucha originated in China, and has been consumed for thousands of years. It has experienced massive growth in popularity in the recent decade by many brands such as Health-Ade and GT’s Kombucha and can be found at most grocery and health food stores.  …

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