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Why Sleeping Masks are So Important

You’ve seen them cluttering the shelves of cosmetic stores and medicine cabinets, and surely you have tried a mask or two on a girl’s night in, but have you ever thought about why this beauty ritual is a trend that has been around forever, and probably will be?ย It’s important to wash off your makeup and apply moisturizer before bed, but sleeping masks take things to the next level. Sleeping masks can help you achieve many benefits for your health. Here…

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5 Reasons to Eat More Strawberries

  Strawberries are considered to be many people’s favorite fruit and favorite berry, but they are more than just a delicious summer fruit. Strawberries are high in minerals, vitamins and powerful antioxidants that make them delicious, nutritious and the right choice for a healthy snack. Check out these 5 reasons to eat more strawberries all summer long.   1. Antioxidants There are certain plant compounds found in fruits and vegetables that are unique in helping our bodies achieve particular functions.…

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Full Body Skincare

So much effort on skin care is focused on our face. The skin on our faces is much more sensitive and exposed to harsh elements considering our face is always exposed, and so much of the rest of our bodies are often is hidden.ย Yet skin care for our face is not the only skin care we should be mindful of, especially considering this upcoming Summer season. After all, ourย skin does cover us from head to toe. Let’s check out a…

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5 Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets to Start Now

If you stopped anyone on the street and asked them about getting older, we could probably bet that anyone would say that getting wrinkles is not a part of aging they are excited about. With it being a known fact that as we age, so too does our skin, why do so many of us wait until we are older to do something about it? Sure,ย many of us try to wear hats when in the sun or not smoke too…

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Onomie- The New School of Beauty

ย  Welcome to the New School of Beauty, where we learn about what Vitamins our skin craves to be healthy, what people have experienced glowing results and what products they used to make it all happen.ย Onomie is the latest product on my radar, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all! Onomieย uses amazingly effective, natural Vitamins and botanicals to work its magic. Plus, they put every product through rigorous testing to ensure the products work like they say…

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